I really look with commiseration and pity over the great body of my fellow men and women who, reading newspapers and watching TV, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in their times.


30-track compilation of the best new Hip-Hop that dropped in July. Includes brand new music from Common, NehruvianDOOM, Cormega, Planet Asia, Shad, Homeboy Sandman & more.

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This is a sample of the best Hip-Hop from July 2014 — if you like what you hear, buy the music and support the artists. You can find past monthly compilations here


Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips/lists of hip hop love songs?

I created a compilation back in February titled #HipHopLoveSongs. It’s two discs. Here are the tracklists, and I included the download link down bottom. Hope you enjoy.

Disc 1


Disc 2


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You can find other compilations HERE.


This 30-track compilation is designed to introduce you to Common’s music, for any heads who aren’t familiar with his discography. This is classic conscious Hip-Hop. Majority of the production is handled by No I.D, J Dilla & Kanye West

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If you’re diggin the music, buy the albums and support. You can find my other compilations Here


Somehow, I’ve got this crazy idea in my head that each human being has a soul and that the body is merely a shell, a vessel, in which to experience this reality, and that infinite love is the only truth, and everything else is illusion


In my personal Top 5 MCs. If you don’t know Mos Def’s music past Black Star and Black On Both Sides, this is required listening. Yasiin’s non-album discography is far deeper than most people realize.

I created this 30-track sampler as an introduction to Mos Def’s music.

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This sampler is designed to introduce you to Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey. If you’re diggin the music, buy the albums and support.

You can download my other compilations HERE


I wonder what it was that made you fall back. I wonder what it was but I won’t dwell on that.

We never hung out that much, but still, when we did hang out the whole vibe was chill. I miss your goodnight kisses, for real. I miss the conversation, for real.


Anonymous asked: Is everything okay? I haven't seen you in a while on my dash...

Life is brilliant. I’m in Minnesota for a trade show for work, just busy.

"The music industry is dead. Don’t only pay attention to what’s marketed to you. Art that speaks your language is only a click or 2 away."
Talib Kweli